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Dagny HR

The US based celebrity boxing gym approached me to work as their main digital designer.


Dagny HR, formerly known as Circular Wave, initially operated as work management software catering to freelancers. I was enlisted as the head designer to undertake a comprehensive rebranding initiative for the company. This endeavor commenced with reimagining the company name and extended to every facet of the brand, encompassing colors, fonts, logo, and graphics.

The first manifestation of the revamped brand materialized on a new website. Given the company's small scale, a priority was placed on creating a site that could be easily edited. Consequently, we opted for a template-based approach using Webflow.


Subsequently, we embarked on a complete overhaul of desktop and mobile applications, integral tools freelancers utilize for securing new jobs, receiving payments, and managing their projects. The original design of these applications was intricate and lacked intuitiveness. We successfully transformed the applications by implementing the new brand and scrutinising the user experience (UX), rendering them more user-friendly and efficient.

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